Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the smiley moon phenomenon

I was not aware there was even such a thing.

Yesterday, when we arrived home after our trip to the south, I just happened to look up and was amused at what I saw. As I was smiling at the heavens, it was smiling down back at me! Heavenly bodies all lined up just to greet me a belated happy birthday.

They said it is the so-called smiling moon phenomenon.

This is from an email my sis sent to me: Smiling Moon Phenomenon Happens Tonight

Wondering why the moon smiles at you? Tonight you might have not notice the moon is smiling. Go out and look at the moon and you might see the moon smiling back at you. The smiling moon phenomenon happens every 48 years, so don’t miss it! “Astronomers say Venus and Jupiter and a crescent moon will form a smiley face tonight, with the planets forming the eyes and the moon forming the mouth. Venus and Jupiter have appeared side by side in the evening sky over the last week or so, but tonight will be the best night to see the “face” appear, astronomers say.”

The smiling moon phenomenon is best viewed in Western Australia. The eyes are closer to the moon! Sad to say, the effect of the phenomenon is inverted in the United States. It will appear as frown. Lucky to us here in the Philippines, we will witness the smiling moon!

As I a look at the moon tonight, I feel that the heavens are trying to send us a message. Perhaps it is a reminder for us to be happy amidst the crisis and problems that the world is suffering. Think positive. Be happy!


So, there is indeed a logical explanation for the skies’ happy face… whatever. I have my own explanation. I choose to think it’s my mama, looking down at me with her goofy grin. “Is it you mama? Greeting your bunso a belated happy birthday?  Thanks for remembering…”

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Irene said...

We saw it too! Way cool!

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