Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ice Cream House of Concepcion Marikina

Summer is definitely here. I don’t really experience the summer heat on a daily basis since I am cooped up in the office most of the time, but during weekends, I do get a taste of the now-common hot, humid afternoons. Last week hubby and I went out to run some errands. We noticed this Ice Cream House on Bayan-bayanan St. Concepcion Marikina , right next to Parco Selections. We’ve seen in before but never really tried to go inside. The heat of the scorching sun on that particular day convinced us to give it a try.

The Ice Cream house is very welcoming, it is well-lit and its walls are adorned with huge mirrors, giving the place an illusion of being wider and bigger than it actually is. The store has no airconditioning. The set up inside is simple. No glass doors, just clean tables and chairs. Their motif is a combination of yellow and purple, two of my favorite colors! Yep, just looking at their store reminds me of ube and quezo ice cream… yum!

The wait for our orders was quite short, a good thing considering the place had a lot of customers at that time. =)

What surprised me the most is the fact that their goodies are so affordable! They sell ice cream in all shapes and sizes. Hubby and I shared a Tiramisu Magic which cost us P85. They had other goodies like: Banana Split (P89), Fruit Temptation (P85), Oreo Flurry (P69), Chewy Choco Fancy (P39), Stick A Choco (P59), Ice Cream Sandwich (P19) and even Shakes (P49). They also have ice cream in cups, cones and sticks for the young kids. If you want a heavier snack, they also offer pizzas of different flavors, available in solo and family sizes. For the health-conscious, they also have vegetarian pizzas.
I tried their spicy mushroom, while hubby tried their vegetarian ham pizza. It was not really fall-off-your-chair yummy, but definitely it was value for our money. We were able to eat a yummy and fulfilling snack, and it cost us only a little above a hundred pesos!

This was how our plates looked like after a couple of minutes, hahaha!

I also saw a branch of this Ice Cream House at the Riverbanks Mall. =) for those looking for good and affordable treats this summer, go ahead and give it a try! I highly recommend it!

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