Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jasmine and Jorje are out!

Tonight's American Idol featured Kanye West and Kelly Clarkson.
The judges also revealed the latest twist in this season's Idol, that they have a one-time-only chance to save an idol hopeful should they find themselves in the bottom on the voting list. tonight however, they didn't demonstrate this rule innovation since all the judges chose not to save Jasmine Murray and Jorje Nunez.
In the other night's episode where they featured Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5's hits, Jasmine sang a very forgettable rendition on I'll Be There while Jorje made it almost painful for the audience to watch him sing Never Can Say Goodbye. I also felt a little bad about this because i think he is a pretty good singer. Too bad though he chose the wrong song.
My favorites Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert and Meagan Corkrey are still in the running, woohoo! I'm so excited to watch the next episode... we'll see what they will feature next.

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