Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Plum Lowerpro Terraclime 100

Last Sunday I was able to use my latest photography goodie on a shoot. My latest purchase was a Lowepro Terraclime 100 - Recycled Fabric Bag. The color? Plum! Ok so technically it is not my favorite color because it looked like a washed out purple, but it was fine. describes my bag as a protective bag perfectly suited to the eco conscious, fashion savvy individual looking to carry a digital SLR plus 1-2 lenses . It reduces environmental impact by virtue of its materials and construction - over 95% of the pouch is made entirely from recycled fabric. With internal zip pockets, a soft padded camera wrap for extra protection, double hook closure & shoulder strap it really does perform. A full complement of features, great looks & environmentally friendly.....fabulous!

What I really like about it is it bigger than my old crumpler bag. It has enough space to accommodate my lenses and other stuff like 2 phones, a small wallet, small makeup kit, receipts… without the cumbersome partitions. It is just a spacious bag with a padded camera wrap to secure your dslr or lenses. Berto suggested this bag and I loved it.

I do look forward to more shoots with my newest buddy, the plum colored LowerPro Terraclime 100.

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