Thursday, April 12, 2012

External Hard Drive Woes

I discovered the wonders of the external hard drive five years ago, when I owned my first laptop. It was a lowly entry level NEO laptop with 30GB storage space. Having a baby, I was addicted to taking her and our family’s pictures. So in no time at all, the 30GB was full of baby pics. It was also around the same time when I discovered the joys of digital scrapbooking. I installed Photoshop in my laptop but sadly it won’t run. Apparently the memory and storage space wasn’t enough to run a memory hogging application like Photoshop. I was then forced into upgrading the memory and getting an external hard drive to accommodate my overflowing files.

My first external HD was a 320GB Fujitsu. I excitedly transferred all our pics there. It conked out on me after a year. Words cannot describe my frustration when this happened. I’d rather not go back to that dark place =(. Next I went and bought a 500 GB shock proof Buffalo external Hard Drive. That lasted for more than a year, then suffered the same fate. Because I was afraid of it crashing again, I was able to back up most of my files by burning them into DVDs (thankfully!).

It was around this time when we opened our photobooth and photography business, and I had to get a new (and improved) laptop from Acer. It had a faster processor, a higher memory and storage capacity and better video card. I bought it through Bpi Madness in Glorietta Mall, and I was pleasantly surprised that the purchase came with lots of freebies like bags, memory upgrade, Smart Bro internet stick, a wifi router and a Samsung 500GB external hard drive! (wow, talk about a great deal!) This gadget came in wonderfully attractive colors, I got the sparly blue one.  I was apprehensive in using the Samsung External HD since they were relatively new in the storage industry, but eventually I did use it. It has been 2 years since then, and it‘s still working! I love it! Thank you Samsung for laying my storage fears and worries to rest!

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