Friday, November 30, 2007

andres bonifacio and the makati mutiny

yesterday, my mind was preoccupied with something else. i was busy with work. month end is coming up, my officemate was absent and i had to fill in for him, all the while i was busy being worried with the pending reports i needed to prepare for submission soon.

i was frantically trying to beat the 12pm deadline when i heard the radio tuned in an AM station, this is a rare hapenning in our office, so i knew that there was something going on. i asked around and they said there was a coup d' etat going on. i didn't believe it but later, i found out that it was true.

like most filipinos i was glued to the television as the events unfolded.


i voted for trillanes, and i was glad when he won as a senator.

when he and his colleagues staged the oakwood mutiny, i felt for them and supported their cause. i was impressed that they stood up for what they believed in. admittedly though, i knew it was a lost cause. the people have long been jaded. people power has passed its prime. why? our political climate is not as clear as it was in 1986. then, we knew who the enemy was, and we knew who to turn to, we knew who symbolized new hope and transformation for our country. it was clear as black and white. marcos vs. cory. we had a choice and we made it.

now, it's not as clear. we have graft and corruption in our government. red tape is a norm. we are mostly unhappy as a people. we want the present president out. who do we want to replace her? who are our choices? do we even have a fit replacement? the best we can do is to choose the lesser evil. is that good enough?

present day...

manila penn mutiny is quashed. trillanes is hauled off to bicutan like a common criminal. no people power happened. no military/civilian/religous support came. have we grown tired of asking the president to step down, the call to converge and topple the present leadership. maybe we can't find a suitable replacement. or maybe it was because of the rains.

too bad for manila penn and its guests. they learned first hand just how unhappy we are as a people.

the future is getting bleaker. i'm sure andres bonifacio and the rest of our heroes are turning in their graves. this is the country that they loved and died for... what a pity.

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