Monday, November 19, 2007

diagnosed but not convinced

last night we went to the emergency room to have my back checked. we went to this dark and sad hospital we've never gone to ever. why then did we choose this hospital? they are affiliated with our health card. as much as we wanted to go to St. Luke's, we knew for a fact that being checked up in their ER will take HOURS. we once went in at 8:45 pm and left at around 2:30 am. so much for emergency huh? i had to think about hubby because he still had work monday morning.

when we got there, there were no other patients. only chatty nurses and a doctor who looked like she is still in pre-med. no doc's white gown either. hubby and i thought she was a receptionist. hehehe. in fairness, she seemed competent enough. either she is really competent, or she is a really good receptionist. lol!

my urine and blood was tested. i was made to lie down on a dingy bed. nurses peered down at me, even if they were not supposed to be involved, as if they are not used to patients actually coming in their hospital. my tummy and back was pressed down at every possible angle.

diagnosis: muscle spasm. huh? urinalysis and cbc came out normal.

i am not convinced. i remember feeling this much pain in my back a year ago. my urinalysis revealed then i had 100+ pus cells in my urine. but this time, 2 pus cells, and i can't even stand up straight for 2 minutes!

muscle spasm my a**. hmmm. i'm not convinced.

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