Saturday, November 3, 2007

friday's feast # 167

How much money do you plan to spend this upcoming holiday season?
i plan not to spend so much this year. we are neck-deep in debt as it is... =)of course i would love to get nice things for my daughter, she'd be the exception.

What was the last television show you watched, and was it good?
i am watching prison break. it is soooo addicting! last night i watched cold case. i love this series too!

If you had to paint the walls of your living room tomorrow, what color would you choose?
i'd color it blue. i always loved the color blue, with yellow accents.

Main Course
Name something clever or practical you have thought of that should be invented, but hasn’t yet.
an intelligent car horn that can shout out expletives whenever you encounter jerks on the road. it should be able to detect the degree of stupidity being encountered by the driver... and shout out the appropriate messages... (talk about road rage!)

List 3 things you would like to receive as gifts this upcoming holiday season.
a new digital camera, mp3 player, psp (yep, i am a techie!)

it's been a while since i joined the feast... it's great to be back!


""rare jonRez"" said...

i love ur feast here. i got filled! :)

thanks for ur visit and comment sa journal kow!

mind exchanging links with me dito sa domain ko? let me know and i'll add u right away!

Bonggamom said...

Our bedroom is blue too.

Deb said...

Nice Friday post! I just posted about my friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

ellen b said...

happy feasting to you and I hope you get everything on your dessert list...

MommyBa said...

cool feast! i'm trying to save up for a psp to reward myself this Christmas :)

Happy weekend!

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