Friday, November 16, 2007

ooops. she did it again.

the nanny copped out on us again. two days in a row. yesterday, hubby's last day in his old work. payday. the nanny texted us telling us that she needed to take her child to the doctor for a checkup. what can we do? hubby stayed home and took care of kulit bea. he left later in the afternoon to pick up his salary, leaving bea with lolo.

earlier today, hubby's first day in his new work. nanny is a no show. 6:35, nanny's husband came to tell us that she will not be coming in AGAIN. the doctor was not able to see them yesterday since there were soooo many patients. i was already dressed and all. i had to stay home. no choice.

i hope she comes in tomorrow. laundry day. i mean, i loooove my bea to death, but she is becoming a handful! you can't do anything else but to watch her. i take my eyes off her for a couple of SECONDS and she's standing up on a chair or the sofa. (she loooves to climb stuff!) it's like taking care of two boys! super mega hyper active!

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