Tuesday, November 27, 2007

bonding with my sis

last saturday, my darling sister and i went on a long overdue date. just the two of us. i asked her out with the intention of treating her, but she ended treating me instead. (hehehe, thanks ds.)

we went on our way, without knowing where we're going or what we'll do. finally, we settled on going to trinoma, which is good since i've never been there before! strolled for a bit, my sis gave me a mini tour. ( i was able to resist the lure of the bookstore! woohoo!)

for lunch, we ordered brothers' burgers to go. we had identical orders, burger plus cream cheese with garlic, french fries and soda. (yummy!) we had our lunch while watching the movie Enchanted. Great movie by the way! great acting... and singing! my sis loved it too, although her first choice was a local movie, one more chance, too bad hubby and i watched it already the night before.

after the movie, more strolling, we went and inquired about the classes available at gymboree for our bea. (we are very interested, i hope we can save enough for her to attend their classes!)
then we went and got some pampering... sis got a pedicure and foot spa while i had a facial.

just before leaving the mall, we decided to eat halo-halo from Razon's. mmmm....!

it was a fun, fulfilling day with my sister. i miss these bonding days. i remember when we were young, we used to go on dates like these. my mom would entrust me to my sister and we'd go around the mall, just strolling. when my sis had her first job, she'd take me out to treat me to snacks. very generous of her, really. =)

hopefully, we can do this again soon!

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Christianne said...

SArap naman ng food trip ninyo, nakakainggit :)

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