Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my love affair with pinoy movies and john lloyd cruz

hubby and i have a lot of things in common, probably because we practically grew up together. we have been together since we were 16, yep, that's half of our lifetimes already... =)

one of the things we have in common is our love for movies. back when watching movies was way cheaper, we'd watch movies at least once a week, sometimes even 3x a week. Wednesday was our favorite day because this was the day they'd change the movie schedules and show the latest movies.

but no matter how we loved to watch movies, we didn't really like to watcn pinoy movies. there were exceptions though, there was a time when we had our tita shawie phase, where we'd watch only tagalog movies with sharon cuneta, we also had our kris aquino phase, i had my iza calzado phase and i had to drag hubby along to watch sigaw, moments of love and quija (this came in consonant with my juday phase).

as to actors, we have only two favorites: aga muhlach and john lloyd cruz. i've loved john lloyd since tabing ilog, where he played Rovic, but when we watched Dubai, a movie where aga, john lloyd and claudine barretto played title roles, that sealed our fate... we, yep even hubby, became official john lloyd cruz fans! he is definitely one of the best dramatic actors around, and the cutest too... a young aga muhlach!

last weekend, having already watched the mummy III, we watched a special love starring john lloyd cruz and sarah geronimo. we loved it! read my thoughts about the movie here.

yep... jologs! =)

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