Thursday, August 28, 2008

project:weight loss now officially launched

i have come to face the truth. i am more than 40lbs overweight. i need to lose weight soon... my feet are already complaining ... varicose veins are threatening to set camp on my legs... not to mention the embarrassing bulges in embarrassing places...yep, getting too heavy for comfort.

need to do this...wish me luck!

my battle ahead:


rohit said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic
take care
see you

Random Ramblings said...


ysrael said...

Wow, i share mo naman sa amin if the program is successful ha, my wife and I are both overweight din kasi.

Jenn P. said...

I am with you on the over 40 pounds thing...ugh! I wish you luck on your weight loss journey!

Liza said...

good luck karen. ako rin dapat magpapayat na hehe.

btw, i tagged you..


Mayet said...

goodluck sa yu!! want to share this. Gusto ko rin kasing mag lose ng weight and nakakainspire sila. check the story!!

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