Sunday, June 17, 2007

it was more than a fever

i just want to share the experience of my cousin Aleli with her daughter, my pamangkin, apple. their ordeal started with fever (pretty common for kids huh?) then rashes started to come out. they thought she had the measles or some kind of pox, they brought her to a walk-in clinic only to be told that it was just probably eczema (she had a history). by this time her temp was reaching 40 already! (by ear thermometer). they were given meds and sent home. the following days were spent just observing little apple but she is not getting better. she still has fever and polka dots all over her body. good thing they decided to bring her to a bigger children's hospital in Vancouver. nilagyan sya agad ng IV and meds( antibi0tics and electrolytes) tapos blood tests. it turned out she had acquired a deadly bacteria in her blood. "Invasive Streptococus". it could've been fatal but good thing she was diagnosed on time and was given proper medication. the docs said most of the patients in the hospital with this ailment are admitted to the ICU, it is that serious!
good thing apple's guardian angel was looking after her. =) she is now at home recovering =)

learn more about the disease:
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