Sunday, June 3, 2007

just when i thought nothing will go wrong... everything did.

last saturday we had our 3rd post mss at the rivers center. in the past, we would always be late in these activities so we really tried to leave early this time. traffic in marikina was heavier than usual, there were sectional blocking going on in our streets, we were delayed there for a couple of minutes.

when we got to libis, i was still hopeful we'd get to st. paul's in makati on time. traffic was a bit heavy at ortigas, but the real problem was when we reached the edsa ortigas intersection. while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, an mmda traffic enforcer approached us, you see the ending number of our plate number was 5 so we were supposed to be registered by may 31, but due to financial and procedural constraints, hubby was able to take care of this only in the afternoon of last june 1, a friday. needless to say the registration was not finished since the whole process was still not done by 5pm. hubby had to explain to the officer our situation, showed him the necessary papers and proofs that we were in good faith. while all this was happening, we were both praying... please Lord, let this man understand our situation so that we can go to our post mss. we're late enough as it is. the Good Lord granted our prayer and the mmda let us go with only a warning. so, we were happily on our way.

we arrived at st paul's at about 3:30... we got out of the van, locked the doors, was about to go in when hubby realized that he left the keys inside! i had a spare but i also left it inside. one thing came into mind, the devil is definitely trying to do everything to keep us from attending our post mss! another 30 minutes later, we were able to open the door and get the keys (with the help of a good samaritan who gave us a piece of wire to pry open our window).

we were able to register at 4pm. the one in charge of the registration had already crossed out our names, assuming we were not coming. when we got in the room, as always we were so embarrassed... late again.

but my God is still good, despite the problems we encountered, we were still able to come and listen to sister Yna's talk about the fruit of the Holy Spirit. no tempers flared, no arguments occurred. thank you Lord. there's always the 4th post mss, maybe we won't be late then =)

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