Friday, June 15, 2007

we're bringing bea to a pediatric-gastro doc

recently i have been "talking" with other moms through a yahoo group forum regarding bea's feeding difficulties. she still refuses to take anything solid, still won't drink milk on her own, she'd suck on her bottle if it contained only water. she'd vomit everyday, sometimes more than once... no wonder she was never within the normal weight for her age. her pedia has been very helpful in trying to explore the possible problems that are causing this, but still to no avail. right now we're just force-feeding her, but my worry is about the future... what if she never learns to eat solids by mouth?! right now, she doesn't feel any hunger. we're thinking this could get worse as she gets older. hubby and i decided to ask our pedia for a referral to a specialist, maybe he/she can diagnose what's wrong. i called bea's pedia earlier this afternoon and she was very accomodating. she referred us to a pediatric gastro doctor, a classmate of hers from way back when... the only problem is her clinic in st. luke's is every tuesday and thursday... hay, absent na naman! =) we'll schedule it sometime next week, too bad the doc's clinic days didn't fall on wednesay, hubby's bday! derecho lakwatsa na sana! ;)

so that's the latest. we're really hoping the tummy specialist can help bea...

we're keeping our fingers crossed... toes too! =)

please include us in your prayers =)

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