Sunday, June 10, 2007

ocean's thirteen

simple. loved the movie. this time their mission was personal. their friend and financier, reuben (eliot gould) , sufffered a heart attack when he was duped out of his share in a new casino built on the strip by willy bank (al pacino), a known double crosser. ocean's group vowed revenge, if only to give reuben a reason to get better. however, when their funds started to run low, they had no other choice but to seek the help of their old enemy, terry benedict (andy garcia) ahh... the plot thickens, especially when it turns out this was not the only reunion in this movie. ;)
their tactics were a bit complicated, i felt they depended too much on people that can be bribed. i just think it's not so smart to put too much trust in someone who can be bought by the highest bidder, but that's just me.

the movie is entertaining, funny, amusing. same as the 2 previous ocean movies. george clooney was as dashing and classy as ever. brad pitt again made me forget he's a darn adulterer.... cute and charming in this movie. matt damon was good at taming down his performance. i mean it had to be good acting to pretend you're a sidekick, when you already play the lead roles in other big movies. he's cute as he tries his best to measure up to his parents (known masters of heist) and to his group, particularly danny and rusty. too bad julia roberts didn't join them in this movie. she would've added more fun in the already great movie. =) the whole crew performed well, although basher (don cheadle) was a bit OA for me as the motorcycle guy. andy garcia, still sinister and handsome at the same time. al pacino, old but still scary and effective. ellen barkin... hmmm... collagen personified. nice bod still though. i felt uncomfortable when she started coming on to matt damon. for me, di bagay.

want to go in the movie house and amuse yourself for a few hours? watch this movie... fun!
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