Wednesday, June 6, 2007


last week, we watched zodiac. a suspense movie starring robert downey jr., jake gyllenhaal, and mark ruffalo among others. one thing i got from this movie is my changed opinion of jake, i no longer see him as the homosexual from brokeback mountain. (that was really hard to get over!) he is a good actor, and his good looks is definitely a plus. he exudes such intensity... by a mere look. it's official i like him again. =) robert downey was at his best... as always. he has always been a good actor. he can transfom a small role into a major one. hmm... if only he can put the drug problem in check. mark ruffalo is different in this movie. he's serious and dark, a far cry from his 13 going on 30 movie. definitely a versatile actor.

back to the movie: it is based on a book by robert graysmith, a newspaper cartoonist obsessed with a cold case, slayings that have been unsolved for years. for a change, the movie evolves on the investigators and not on the victims, or the perp. the movie is about how the hunt for this suspect has affected the police and media through the years, professionally and personally. although the movie has been well researched and it gave so much details and leads, that you'd think a bad guy will get caught in the end, but ... there is no ending that will gratify your curiosity as to what really don't expect. there was no bruckhiemer-like effects either. the movie is based on the 60's era... ha! no cell phones!

the movie was long, but i didn't get bored. the movie took me through a myriad of feelings, from frustration to sadness, anxiety, fear and more... but that's just me =)

and i'm definitely not hard to please. the movie was ok in my book. something different from your usual detective/crime movie.
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