Saturday, June 23, 2007

a night at the emergency room

last wednesday, I started my day as usual. when i got off the shuttle, i bought viands from the food stall on jupiter st., bought oatmeal and crackers at 7-11, then pineapple from my suki fruit vendor. when i got to the office, i ate my breakfast, then my pineapple. at around 10:30 i ate some snacks then at 12:30 my lunch... at around 1:30 my tummy started to feel funny. i felt bloated and gassy. i knew my hyperacidity was acting up again. only this time, i wasn't burping or passing gas. just the gassy bloated feeling, and the tummy ache. parang ang asim sa tyan. an officemate was kind enough to give me kremil-s, but my tummy didn't improve. it was really hurting. by the time i met hubby at mega, he gave me kremil-s extra strength. but still no improvement. i only had batchoy for dinner since i was thinking the warm soup will help, but it didn't. we weren't able to attend the prayer meeting coz i wasn't feeling good. hubby decided to bring me to the hospital since he said if it was just hyperacidity, the meds would've alleviated the pain by now. i was apprehensive at first, but finally consented.
so off to st. luke's. it was a busy night. there were a lot of waiting patients, no beds were available. we got there by 9pm, got attended to at around 10:30. super tagal talaga. there were patients who already opted to transfer to another hospital because of the slow service they were getting. we were a bit disappointed too, considering the fact that st. luke's one of the best hospitals in the country, and even though services here are a bit pricey, the quality was worth it, well until that night.

urinalysis and cbc was to be done. i delivered my wiwi in a cup promptly, but waiting game started again for the nurse who will take my blood to show up. she finally did at around 11:30. we were told that results will not be available for another 3-4 hours, given the busy night they were having. what?! wait... wait... wait... all the while tummy was still aching. ache... ache... ache...

hubby finally confronted the doctor, after an hour, kindly check if the results are in already... please. the doc did and guess what, the results were there already, just waiting to be printed. grrr. results: not preggy (hmp!), acidic, 10 pus cells, almost a thousand bacteria. verdict: uti. ha? then why is my tummy aching? i've had uti before but usually it is my lower back that aches not my tummy. referred pain daw. the nerves of my kidney may be causing the nearby nerves to act up too, hence, the acidic reaction of my tummy. whatever. just give me the meds to stop the pain. ok, just wait and a nurse will give you the meds by IV coz that will be faster than if i give you a tablet. ok, fine. wait... wait... wait... at 1:00am the nurse comes to put the meds in my vein. i warned her that my veins are hard to find so please be very sure before she sticks the needle in. no reaction. tusok! in fairness she got it in one try =) i thought i was going to be discharged already, but we still had to wait for the pain i was feeling to subside. another 30 mins. actually i was still feeling pain pero i really wanted to go home na. i was given prescriptions for my uti, acidity and pain, plus a list of stuff i can't eat or drink: coffee, softdrinks, spicy food etc.

hay sa wakas. natapos din. 1:30 we were on our way home. super sleepy and dead tired. well, that's what you get for spending the night at the emergency room.

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