Sunday, August 19, 2007

blogvertise your business!

for the past few months, i have been so enamored with the net... thanks to our broadband connection. i also discovered the joys of blogging. it has given me the chance to share my thoughts about certain things, plus it is also a good way to stay in touch of family and friends.

speaking of friends, most of my friends are now trying their luck by starting their own businesses, and we all know what businesses need, a good marketing strategy to keep their business up and about. the internet is a very good way to advertise! i mean, almost everybody surfs the net, moms, dads, students, yuppies... everyone. whatever products or services that enterprenuers have to offer can be given a proper marketing exposure through the net.

i am thinking of introducing my friends to blogvertise, it will give their businesses the much needed buzz and exposure, plus it will lead to more links to their websites. hmm... i'm sure my their businesses will succeed... with enough research, adequate business know-how and the help of marketing tools like blogvertise.

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TorAa said...

You are really on the track - hurray

Marketing is about something very clear: respect. Respect your audience and prospective customers to trust you.

Simpel? Not at all. That's way this metier will allways be challend

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