Sunday, August 5, 2007

my experience with healing priest, fr. fernando suarez

yesterday, as part of the Development Bank of the Phil's 60th anniversary, they held a special healing mass with the gifted filipino priest, fr. fernando suarez. rivers of the living waters catholic community (ROLWCC), our community went there to assist. i was assigned as a marshal on the 9th fl while hubby was assigned as a catcher during the healing itself.

we have attended fr. suarez's healings a couple of times. he always starts with a mass, with a general healing after the homily. after the mass comes the individual healing. he touches each and everyone present for the healing. he is so blessed with the gift of healing that almost everyone he touches "rests in the spirit". my first experience with him was last year, in the megatrade hall of megamall. we arrived there at around 4pm for the 6pm mass but the line was already looooong! we were one of the lucky ones who were able to hear mass inside the hall, thousands stayed outside while still waiting in line, a line that snaked from mega b to mega a, and back again, a couple of times. we brought bea along so that her feeding problem may be healed. fr was able to heal us at around 1130pm! while we were waiting, i was praying really hard. i really want to experience how it is to rest in the spirit. he healed hubby, who was carrying bea, first. hubby was crying, and i was watching intently as fr suarez touched bea, and kissed her on her head, then touched hubby on the chest and then hubby fell. all of a sudden it was my turn. i wasn't ready. i just closed my eyes and felt him touch my tummy(digestive problems?), then i suddenly felt a force pulling me from the back, a force so strong that i did fall! now no one pulled me ok, and believe me i'm really cynical about these things, but it's real! it was an overwhelming feeling! no lightning and thunderclaps. just a calming force, and as i lay there on the floor, i felt so peaceful.

after a couple of months, we attended again,this time in the mall of asia. hubby and i were holding hands as father pulled our heads together into a huddle and touched us (me, again on the tummy) and we both fell at the same time! the Lord's power is amazing!

040107 healing

the third time was at our class chairman's home at dasma mkti, we brought bea along again because this was only after a few days after she was discharged from the hospital. i whispered to father "she suffered from a subdural hematoma" to which he whispered back to me "ano yon?!" simple and human... i told him what it was and he touched bea's head and mine, then we fell. we immediately claimed her healing that night, true enough, when we went to the neurosurgeon, he gave us the ok sign! praise God! =)

back to friday's activity: hubby joined me in the 9th floor during the mass. i felt weird hearing mass by just listening over the PA system ;) after the mass, hubby went back up to the penthouse where the healing was being held. as the healing started, the testimonials of instant healing also begun. one of the persons wo testified was prominent man greggy araneta. he said that he sufferred from an illness in his brain and the first effect on him was that he lost his sense of smell, that was ten years ago, but when fr suarez touched him, he testified that for the first time in 10 years, he is able to smell again! grabe ang galing talga ni Lord!

Bea still has her feeding problems, but the fact that she is well and alive today (though underweight) is a miracle in itself. a baby who hasn' t been drinking milk, her only source of nutrition, for more than a year has a very slim chance of surviving and thriving... and yet here she is... happily babbling and walking away even as i'm blogging! a miracle indeed! coping with bea's condition is definitely not easy, as i've blogged before, but with God's grace, we are surviving... ;)

here are some pics from that night:

me and hubby st. james class
fr. suarez father suarez
fr jeff blesses the water catcher bernard
tired, but happy... dinner muna after the healing mass... gutom!


rach (heart of rach) said...

I attended a healing mass before in Quezon and it was a wonderful spiritual experience.

Thanks for sharing these photos. Having a close relationship with God brings more blessings to the family.

mitchteryosa said...

I never experienced attending a healing mass but I had experienced and witnessed “pray-over” in Greenbelt Chapel many times.

raggold said...

i have never experienced any healing mass. but every time i hear the mass, it heals me

rowena said...

Hi. This is my first visit. What a nice site! I’ve experienced countless healing sessions within or after the celebration of the Holy Mass, many times I was slain in the Holy Spirit while being prayed over eventhough at times, I’m actually controlling it because I don’t want to fall (I know there are catchers though). But some healing priests (some are foreigners who visited the Phil.)have this unique power that when they reached over or about to put their hand on my head, I fall down instantly like Father Mc Pherson (from U.S.), Fr. Fernando Suarez of Canada, Fr. Anton Pascual and of course Fr. Corsie Legaspi. What an experience! Thanks for sharing.

karen said...

hi guys! i just wanted to share my experience, and to testify that it is true! like i said, i have been very cynical about these things, i have been prayed over a couple times before but i was never “slain”, it is only recently that i experienced this grace. =)

thanks guys for dropping by!

sexymomma said...

hi, got your site from …..are a member of rolw? im also a member but not that active since i got pregnant with my 3rd baby..will try to visit your site again…

Chique Rose said...

Hi karen,

ang ganda ng blog mo, i'm glad i've found it. nka attend na din kami ng Healing mass ni fr. suarez last july 30 lang sa MOA. We brought our daughter yvonne, hoping to experience God healing touch through fr. suarez. And it really was amazing. We've also been thru a lot these past few months and we're glad ndi nya kami pinapabayaan. GOD is really good all the time. :)

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