Saturday, August 18, 2007

movie::: vacancy

i have watched a lot of movies since my last post under movie mania... i just wasn't able to post any review/comments about any of them yet. yep, i'm backlogged. =)

anyway, vacancy stars actors luke wilson and kate beckinsale and is directed by hungarian nimrod antal. i was excpecting much from this movie considering it is a suspense thriller and i really like both of its lead actors, however it turned out to be such a disappointment. at one point i really wanted to walk out of the theater, hubby just stopped me.

it is a story of a separated couple driving late at night to go to a family thing. the had to come together since they haven't told the news of their separation to their families yet, they have to go to the occasion pretending that their were still together. while on their way, their car break down in the middle of nowhere and are forced to check in a dingy motel to wait for a mechanic in the morning. honestly, i think it was a stupid decision to go ahead and check in the motel when the hotel manager obviously had something up his sleeve, but that;s just me.

anyway they do check in, david (luke wilson) decided to watch the videos available by the tv set. it turned out to be snuff films taken inside their rooms. he looked around and discovered several hidden cameras. it dawned on them that if they don't move soon, they will be starring in their own snuff film too. and so starts amy(kate beckinsale) and david's long night...

i just don't like movies that deals with snuff films. i remember my reaction to nicolas cage's 8mm. i felt pretty much the same here. my heart was palpitating and i just wanted to stop watching. the bad guys were really vicious and had no qualms at all about torturing and killing their victims... all for the purpose of dark entertainment.

of course there's also the cheesy ending., i mean i love a happy ending, but a realistic one please.

kate was still pretty, in whatever situation she is in, luke is also ok. he showed strength and leadership which are not often his strong points in his other movies.

what did i think about the movie? let's just say that i was relieved when the movie was finally over, and i have no intentions of watching it again in video.

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