Friday, August 24, 2007

friday feast

Say there’s a book written about your life. Who would you want to narrate the audio version?

Julia Stiles. I like her as an artist, and i like her personality. her voice is very distinct too. for me, her voice alone exudes so much character and freedom.

Take the letters from your favorite kind of nut and write a sentence. (Example: Perhaps every avenue needs understanding today.)

Cook a single hen every wednesday.


If you could go back in time and spend one week in another decade, which decade would you choose?

i heard the 70's was fun, flower power and all that. =) i was born in the 70's but i was not aware of anything really since i was just a baby at that time. actually living then as an adult woul've been great and "informative".

Main Course
Name a song that brings back memories for you.

ebony and ivory. i remember hearing this song over and over in our school service as a kid. it was probably the driver's fave song at that time. i was in kindergarten. ahhh, happy, simple, carefree days.

Do you prefer to wash your hands in cold water or warm water?

i prefer warm water, since i get cold easily, besides i find it hard to rinse off the soap in really cold water =)


Juzahlyn said...

hehehe your soup is funny..great feast

Alice Teh said...

Poor hen... LOL.

Have a good weekend!

mamichelle said...

Great feast! LOL on the soup!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

The 60s and 70s were indeed a wonderful time. Have a great FF and weekend. :)

ArtfulSub said...

Happy Feast Day.

maiylah said...

I notice that many love cashews! :)
lovely feast! :)

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