Thursday, August 30, 2007

CAMPI's first international motor show

i am a bit back logged, so please bear with me =)

anyhoo, a few weeks ago, we (daddy, me, bea and yaya) went to the world trade center in manila to go to Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. or CAMPI's first international motor show. we arrived at about 5pm and boy, was the line long! it took us about 20 minutes before we were able to get in. hubby was really excited about this particular car show since it promised to be the biggest and best car show ever!

car show trio festive ambiance

the ticket price was 50 pesos. when we got in, i first noticed how big the place was! sure there were a lot of people milling about, but it was not crowded, unlike other car shows we've gone to before in megamall. it was properly lit and ventilated too.

we first went to the honda stage where we found
asimo, the humaniod robot performing. it was really amazing to watch it move, its movements were very fluid and coordinated... very human-like! it even walked up and down the stairs, danced, played with a ball and balanced itself on an inclined platform! needless to say the kids loved its performance, too bad bea still couldn't appreciate the show.

asimo - honda's life-like robot asimo dances
after watching asimo, we started going around the hall to look at the different vehicles that they had on display. mostly, they were new commercial cars, which was ok with me since i can't really appreciate vintage and american muscle cars. i let hubby hover from one car to another, but bea kept on asking for him so he had no choice but to take bea with him as he examined the cars. bea really takes after her dad for she seemed to have a genuine interest in cars, for one, she is not satisfied with just looking from the outside, she just got to go in and touch the interiors. she would even pull daddy towards at a certain car of her choice! ahh! like father like daughter i guess!as the two of them went about their business, i was happily clicking away! =)

daddy with bea daddy with bea again
mommy and bea checking out the specs

on the passenger seat for a change checking out a car on her own
mommy tries a chevrolet this time with li'l bea
i couldn't pass up the chance to have my pic taken with my "need for speed" car of choice - a mitsu eclipse.

my 'need for speed' car won't let go of the wheel
after more than an hour of ogling at the new cars, we were really tired so we went off to blue wave and had dinner at chowking.
saying hubby and bea had fun that night would be the understatement of the year!
it was great to have another fun, exhausting bonding family time!

why are women wearing perfumes that smell like flowers? men don't like flowers. i've been wearing a great scent. it's called New Car Interior! - Rita Rudner

hehe funny, but i can relate... seriously... *wink*

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Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Karen! Glad you all had a wonderful time at the car show. Great photos!

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