Thursday, August 9, 2007

my love affair with books

i love books! i do, i simply love books! my cabinet is a mini library. i am happiest when i am in a bookstore... any bookstore! i'd go through the aisles, stopping every so often when a title catches my attention, then move on to the next aisle. i'd feel sad whenever i visit and then leave without a purchase, so what if i have a growing pile of unread books at the back of my cabinet... i have got to buy me a book!

looking back, i wonder when this love affair started. my parents weren't so much into books, but they did love to read the newspaper, my dad even had an affinity with crossword puzzles. my fondness for books probably dates back when i was still a little girl and we barely had any books of our own. sure, we had the whole encyclopedia britannica set, but we didn't have story books around. good thing i had an aunt who was a teacher, another aunt who is also a book-lover, plus four cousins of different ages... and rummaging through their bookcases satiated my need for books. back then, i remember being excited weeks before the start of classes, because first, i am sure we'd make that important trip to national bookstore in Cubao to buy our school supplies, and second, i know we will be getting a new set of books! so what if most of them will be hand me downs from either my sister or my cousins, they're still books with new adventures and wondrous tales to tell. needless to say.. i've gone through most of them even before classes officially started.

now that i am a mom, i ponder how will i pass this love for books on to my daughter. i would love for her to reap the rewards of being a well-read individual. ( i was never able to put it to good use, i'm hoping she'll fare better). at her age though, she only appreciates picture books, and these keep her interested only for a short while, but this will not stop me. i will keep on trying to introduce her to the immensely entertaining and informative world of books, at her own pace.

a house without books is like a house without windows. no man has the right to bring up children without surrounding them with books. children learn to read being in the presence of books - Horace Mann

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raqgold said...

hi karen, as long as the kids see you reading, they would be then follow suit. just make sure you have books for them, and take time to read for them, too. i am a bookworm and my kids love books, too.

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