Saturday, August 11, 2007

Photo Hunt : Row


this is my first time to join photohunt... here's my entry...

we went to the car show in the world trade center, manila... we were met with these rows of people waiting in line to get inside, four rows actually... it took us twenty minutes before we got in but the show turned out to be worth our while. =)




Paulie said...

I hate standing in lines -- hope the show was good! Come and see my entry.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Photo Hunters! Great start with your photo. The lines look really long. Have a good day. Mine is up also, please come visit.

Heart of Rachel said...

Welcome to Photo Hunters! Sorry for my late visit. My husband and I enjoy going to car shows. Our first date was at a car show back in 1997. :)

TNChick said...

Car shows are great fun but I've never waited in line like that to see one before. Wow, that's a lot of folks! =)

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