Sunday, August 5, 2007

we had to comfort ourselves after a bad movie

span >we watched ouija in blue wave marquinton. we decided to watch this movie because

a) i have slowly but surely turned into a juday fan (hehehe... ever since watching KKK, i loved her!)

b) i also love iza calzado( she's great in this movie, the only saving grace for me) and

c) it's a scary movie. (hubby and i just love scary movies!)

too bad the movie is such a disappointment! sure the cinematograpy was ok, camiguin is beautiful... the musical score was so-so. the most disappointing part of this movie is the fact that almost every scary part has been shown in other movies i've seen before. i already know when the ghost will appear and where they will appear. the crawling on walls, "the sadako walk", "emily rose pose", the hiding under the blanket... almost everything! the music, which is supposed to help build up the suspense didn't help at all. i wasn't scared even a little bit.... blah blah blah... in other words.. for us, it wasn't worth watching.

this was how we looked like when we got out of the movie house:

hindi kami natutuwa!

when we got out we were so disappointed with our movie, we had to comfort ourselves... so we went to timezone hehehe. we went in those videoke booths and let out all our pent up anger, and sang ala-piolo, sam, savage garden, britney, madonna, lea etc as in mayanig-yanig ang booth! hehehe.

dream come true! #225017 nga! *wink!* birit king way back into love duet (oa si hubby) this is it!

then by the time we were done with our mini concer, we have already worked up an appetite and ate at hotshots...i ordered the kamikaze burger. 1/4lb patty with cheese and wasabi spread. hot and yummy! hunny had a burger deluxe plus a junior burger (medyo nabitin!)

yummy! @ hotshots minsan lang naman!

well ok, the only good thing we got out of watching ouija is that it allowed hubby and me to spend a fun saturday night bonding and having quality time together... a very much appreciated break for the both of us!

ps: hubby read somewhere that ouija will have a sequel... uh,puh-leeez!


raggold said...

that’s a good way to comfort yourselves — i am a closet karaoke singer, too!

jenny® said...

videoke booth looks like fun!

rowena said...

Hi. I was planning to watch it pa naman though am not a horror movie fan but a college classmates’ hubby did the post production editing for that movie and she txted all of us to watch it. Buti na lang di masayang pera ko, he he.

karen said...

raggold - actually, i think we were just finding an excuse for our videoke escapade. hehehe…

jenny - it was!

rowena - uy, this is just my opinion ha, if you love the horror/suspense genre like me, you probably watched most of the pivotal movies “adapted” in ouija. otherwise, you might enjoy it. (baka magalit sa kin friend mo, hehehe)

thanks for visiting my blog guys!

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