Sunday, September 2, 2007

bea's monthly checkup

last thursday, we went to st. luke's for bea's checkup with her 2 doctors. we first went to her gastro, sadly after 2 months of treatment, she has lost more than 2 kilos... although looking at the bright side, she seems to be slowly getting over her food aversion. she's eating some solids although it is taking forever to feed her. the doc insists on keeping her feedings at a maximum of 45 minutes. this is really difficult to follow since by that time, she still has eaten / swallowed almost nothing yet. the doc said that be keeping her feedings long, we were making bea cranky and uncomfortable, and she may again associate these discomforts with food. oh well.

next, we visited her pedia... we were supposed to have a DPT booster, sadly we have no budget for that yet... so we scheduled that for next month. the doc is also concerned with her weight loss. she also insisted on keeping our feedings short. she increased bea's vitamins.

although we had bea's ears pierced on her 3rd month, we had her ears pierced AGAIN since the holes healed and closed. last june, we noticed bea kept on pulling at her ear. we suspected an ear infection, but when we had them checked, there was nothing there. the doc said it was just probably accumulated earwax. after a month, when hubby was bathing her, he noticed bea's earrings had accumulated so much dirt at its lock (pakaw), he decided to remove them so he can clean them, that was when he saw bea's earholes red, swollen and infected. it had pus (sorry for being gross!) on the holes! no wonder she was visibly irritated. her hypoallergenic earrings (which we bought at SM) were not so baby-safe after all! since then, she stopped wearing earrings to allow time for the infection to heal, thank God it did heal, but by then, the holes closed up already. bea was given paracetamol before the piercing, and as expected, she wailed when her ears were shot. but when the tears subsided and we showed her her reflection in the mirror with the new earrings she started smiling again =)


alpha said...

hi karen! i hope gets better soon. have you been to tierra maria in tagaytay? ( they have healing sessions and mass every 1st sat of the month. pero next sat, since it's mama mary's bday, may healing session daw whole day and mass at 3pm..

alpha said...

ooops.. i meant, i hope "bea" gets better soon..

karen said...

hi alpha, thanks for your concern. =) no i haven't been to tierra maria... but i will definitely look into it. thanks again!

rowena said...

Hi Karen, hope Bea gets better na and start liking her foods...She looks ok though. Am praying for her.

karen said...

thanks so much rowena! we really need prayers... daming problema! =)

God bless!

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