Sunday, September 2, 2007

book fair fever

yesterday, after our 6th post mss, we went straight to the world trade center in manila to the international book fair. woohoo!!! the happiest place on earth... well for me at least! =)

discounts were as much as 65%! it just so hard to buy stuff when you're on a very strict budget! hehehe. anyway... these were my purchases:
i bought books for me and for bea, and i also bought a smaller more portable bible. =)
i just looove this time of the year when book sales are always held. national bookstore also has a sale on international titles. great! more books to dump in my closet! =)
i made hubby promise to remind me not to buy another one because i have enough books to last me till next year's book fairs. hubby refuses to make that promise saying that i'll just end up being upset with him... he just knows me too well! =)


Heart of Rachel said...

I heard about the book sale there. I'm sure you found lots of great books.

gwapasila said...

blog hopin'...nice blog u have. TC and visit me if u have time

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