Thursday, September 6, 2007

movie review:: silent hill

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i got to watch silent hill last week in video. it was only after looking for it over the internet did i find out that it was based on a video game... much like resident evil. that probably explains the uber sexy policewoman...

hmm what can i say about the movie? weirdly enough, i liked the it.

it is a story about rose and her adopted daughter, sharon. rose(radha mitchell) is troubled with sharon's actions... sleepwalking episodes, blackouts just before shouting "silent hill". after searching the net, rose finds out that silent hill is in fact a ghost town, it used to be a coal mining town until a fire struck the mines and it has been burning since then, causing health problems among the residents. rose decides that going back to silent hill will help sharon get over her problems. boy, are they in for a surprise...monsters, demons, torture galore.

the story is a wee bit confusing. the scary scenes were really scary though... i just loved the scene with the ehem... "cleavaged" zombie nurses attacking her, the scene was both funny and scary!

what i really loved is the imagery. i just loved the idea of having an alternate universe. the real one, which has vibrant colors and the other one, where everything is gray and dusty... cgi was great, compliments the whole movie rather than hogging the limelight. the little girl was creepy too...

it was an engaging,creepy movie.

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