Thursday, September 13, 2007

movie:: 1408

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a refreshingly old-fashioned film going for the suspense rather than the blood and gore. it is a film about michael enslin ( john cusack), an author turned ghost debunker. he goes to places that are supposed to haunted to try and find out whether it is for real or not... then he rates it according to just how scary the place is. it turns out that enslin is in fact jaded with is work since in all the places he's been to, he has yet to see an authentic ghost sighting. that is until he gets a postcard from an anonymous sender... a postcard from the dolphin hotel in manhattan, warning that he shouldn't enter room 1408. of course this intrugued him even more!

samuel l. jackson is also in the movie as gerald olin, the dolphin's manager, who's bent on stopping enslin from checking in room 1408, where it has been documented that no one stays alive for more than an hour... dan dan dan dan! the carpenters' haunting song is a nice effect to the already spooky movie.

hubby and i were very excited to watch the movie, being the suspense-genre fans that we are, and i must say it did not disappoint. there were scenes in the movie that were really scary, plus the feeling that there is that one-hour countdown in his life makes it all the more creepy. we watched enslin steadily descend from cocky cynicism to curiousity to self-doubt and finally fear...
as always, i looooved john cusack. subtle good looks, enough charm to forgive him for his cockiness, funny, shows vulnerability that even when he tries to cover up the hurt he is feeling by being brash, i tend to feel for him...

so, what did i think about the movie? nice spooky movie, great acting. will probably watch it again on video =)

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