Tuesday, September 11, 2007

feelin' a bit blue

i don't feel so well. i'm not in the mood. (ask my co-workers, they'll attest to that!) i've been feeling a bit under the weather... i'm down with the sniffles... so is hubby, and we got it from bea. =( she's been sick for a week now. she had a fever for a couple of days, good thing she responded to paracetamol, her cough is still there though. she's drinking ventolin expectorant. last time, she drank disudrin, but after a whole bottle, we couldn't see any improvement, so the pedia recommended a new medicine... after a week, her cough is subsiding... i hope she fully recovers soon. =)
i blame the ever-changing weather! it would be raining one day, then scorching hot the next! arghh! a lot of people are getting sick. i hope the weather stabilizes soon, maybe my mood will too.


Erin said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm sorry you're feeling blue and hoping things look up soon. Medicine is a tough one to find the perfect match. Best wishes your way

karen said...

thanks erin... bea's getting better! =)

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