Tuesday, September 18, 2007

our nanny nightmare

we are officially nanny-less. last friday, our nanny of 10 months walked out on us. she previously asked our permission so that she can go out and go to the local courier (LBC) to send some money home. before that, she asked for her full salary, under the pretense that her younger sister was sick with dengue and that her parents were asking for money. i tried to be considerate and even though my budget was really tight, i gave in to her request. stupid me, because i had no idea that she was planning to leave already, i gave her another P500 and asked her to buy bea's milk on the way home. that is what i resent the most. ok, so she didn't want to work for us anymore, i can understand that, but she knows that the P500 was my last money (because i told her so) and she knows that bea's milk can will be empty by afternoon, and yet she still had the gall to take the money and walk away. i mean, she could've bought the milk first, drop it off and then leave... or make up an excuse not to do the chore since she has no intention of returning anymore... if she had any consideration for my daughter. =( good thing lolo was there, when it was snack time already and still no nanny in sight, he volunteered to go to the drug store and bought a can of milk. =)

it was carefully planned. earlier that day i saw her carrying a blue plastic bag and brought it outside, she said she was just taking out the trash... later i realized it probably contained the belongings.

so now hubby and i are taking turns taking care of bea. i took care of her for 4 days straight, (thursday to sunday) because hubby was busy. earlier, i had to go to work already, so it was hubby who stayed home with her. we really need to find a nanny soon!

i'm trying to look at the bright side. i'm thinking it's better this way. lately, we noticed that our nanny is more irritable than usual, (she used to be so patient with bea), then last wednesday, when i called home to check up on bea, lolo resty told me that bea vomited her lunch. he said that during lunch, bea was so cranky already that she was crying and still the nanny kept on feeding her... until she threw up. i felt terrible. i specifically told her that once bea starts crying, that she should just stop the feeding. i mean we are spending so much money and effort just so bea can get over her food aversion and eat normally and then she does this. grrr...i am so afraid that bea will be reminded of the yucky sensation of vomiting and associate this with food again. (we went through therapy and tons of meds just to help little bea get better). good thing though, so far she's showing no signs of it affecting her progress... =) thank God!

when i got home that night though, i did not reprimand her, because i am always trying to be careful in talking to her since she is SUPER SENSITIVE! whenever we call her attention because anything at all, she takes it personally... one time when hubby (a super hands-on daddy), told her calmly that he wanted a chore (i can't remember which one anymore) done a certain way, our nanny started to cry and told hubby that he should stop meddling with what she is doing and since he seems to know everything, maybe he should take care of bea himself! imagine the nerve! i know we should've looked for a replacement right there and then, but we couldn't find any, and we really needed a nanny since we were both working. *sigh*

anyway... i just wanted to share our nanny nightmare these past days... i sure hope God sends us a good nanny soon! =)


KK said...

Hi Karen,
Sorry to hear about your nanny walking out like a thief in the night. I hope things will work out soon for you.

Anonymous said...

hi karen.

oh my...how could one be so heartless. naku nakakainis yun ha! i hope you find a nice and caring nanny. mahirap talaga kumuha ng mapagkakatiwalaan kasi ganyan din un case sa mga sisters-in-law ko. alisan ng alisan. anyway, that's ok. on the positive note, bea is a stress reliever to you and bernard so just enjoy taking turns :)



raqgold said...

sorry to hear that! am hoping you'll find a better nanny soon.

TeacherJulie said...

That is one "kapalmuks" yaya. Good riddance. Though of course, I just hope you get a new one, a better one this time. We have been yaya/househelper-less for more than four years already. We get by, we try to.

Hope everything will be ok, Karen :)

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