Friday, September 28, 2007

Feast One Hundred & Sixty Two

How are you today?
i am happier than i've been the past few days. more tired though since we're still adjusting to our new nanny setup...

Name 3 television shows you watch on a regular basis.
recently none, since i can't even turn on the tv because usually i'd be too tired... but before, i regularly watched desperate housewives, house and grey's anatomy.

What’s the scariest weather situation you’ve experienced?
it happened a few years ago, when Manila was directly hit by a typhoon named Winnie and we had non-stop rains that the river near our place eventually overflowed causing tummy-deep floods. and the scary part was that the water rose at around midnight, when almost everyone has gone to bed already, not noticing the danger we were all in. good thing the water didn't reach inside the house since our house was a bit elevated, sadly some of our neighbors were not as lucky.

Main Course
If you could wake up tomorrow morning in another country, where would you want to be?
italy, tuscany to be exact. recently i've re-watched my fave movie Under the Tuscan Sun with diane lane, and every view from that movie was just so enchanting!

What do you usually wear to sleep?
hmmm... some times tshirt and shorts, other times a night gown =) depends on whatever i pull out first from my closet.


jktty said...

Oh wow, your Salad is even scarier than mine is! You were very fortunate to not have to deal with flooding.

I also love the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, and you're right that it was visually stunning.

Have a great weekend. :)

LuvSchweetheart said...

Great Feast! Your salad definatly is scary. Glad you and your family were fine. Hope you have a great weekend!

SilverWillow said...

Oh, that is one scary salad! To be asleep and not know the danger is a very scary thought. I love your Main Course. I will have to rent that movie!

I used to watch House, but sometimes he is just a big meanie! LOL
Great Feast ~ Have a nice Weekend!

Minkydo said...

Typhoons are definitely scary. Probably scarier than anything else (at least in my mind)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Okay, add typhoons to the list of ugly weather I don't want to experience. Have a great FF and weekend. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

I love that movie Under the Tuscan Sun and I agree, it would be nice to wake up in such a beautiful place like Italy.

Jenn said...

Awww.GREAT feast!!!

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